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20 results found for charts
Official Charts
Last tweet: 9 minutes
The latest music news, facts and stats from the UK's Official Chart. Get the charts direct to your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter: bit.ly/2xJ3cIQ
Rob Copsey
Last tweet: 1 days
Editor of OfficialCharts.com, lover of all things musical.
George Caceres
Last tweet: 4 days
Producer of Pop Star and Rockstar Academy
Cardi B Charts
Last tweet: 5 minutes
We are your first and only source of charts of the biggest female rapper and grammy winner, Cardi B. (Fan Account) Backup: @CardiBStats
Last tweet: 39 minutes
The best source about BLACKPINK charts and sales. Turn our notifications on! @ygofficialblink
Miley Cyrus Charts
Last tweet: 33 minutes
Your #1 Miley Cyrus source on charts and sales around the world.
Ariana Grande Charts
Last tweet: 2 hours
Your best, biggest and most updated source of charts about Ariana Grande.
Kpop Charts & News
Last tweet: 15 minutes
We don't combine the views. In the various ours charts that we publish every day we will put only Korean songs.
Demi Lovato Charts
Last tweet: 1 hours
Your #1 Demi Lovato source on charts and sales around the world.
Beyoncé Charts
Last tweet: 19 minutes
Your best source of charts, sales and awards of the singer, actress and songwriter Beyoncé.
Last tweet: 3 hours
Account for Lisa Charts and Updates #LISA #리사 #LALISA 🖤
Anitta Charts
Last tweet: 2 hours
Sua melhor e maior fonte sobre os charts da cantora, compositora e Latin Grammy Nominee brasileira @Anitta | Extensão: @AnittaStat.
Johns Charts
Last tweet: 2 hours
Chart pattern trader. Tweeting with friends and sharing charts along the way. Tweets are my thoughts and for education only. Trade your plan #virginiabeach
Shawn Mendes Charts
Last tweet: 4 hours
Your #1 source of charts about Shawn Mendes.
Katy Perry Charts
Last tweet: 9 minutes
Your #1 Katy Perry source on charts and sales around the world.
Last tweet: 4 hours
Lady Gaga Charts
Last tweet: 30 minutes
Sua principal fonte de charts e notícias sobre Lady Gaga. / Your main fan account source of charts and news about Lady Gaga.
Taylor Charts
Last tweet: 2 hours
Your best charts source about the singer, songwriter and Grammy Winner artist, Taylor Swift. Turn on our notifications.
Lady Gaga Charts
Last tweet: 4 hours
Your daily source about Charts, Sales, Streams and Daily News about Lady Gaga.
Iggy Azalea Charts 🍒
Last tweet: 6 hours
Melhor fonte de charts sobre Iggy Azalea no Brasil / Best source about sales and charts by the rapper Iggy Azalea. • Iggy follows.
E-mail: info@twopcharts.com
Twitter: @twopchartsisok